Background Screening Important for Temporary Workers Too

Many businesses add temporary workers this time of year. Because employer liability for the acts of its agents can arise whether the actor is a regular employee, a temporary employee, or even an independent contractor, it’s important to ensure that temporary workers undergo the same background scrutiny you subject your regular employees to.

Another kind of problem can arise when temporary workers are eventually hired on as regular employees if the worker was not properly investigated when brought on as a temp. MSEC attorneys have responded to situations where an employer has been charged with discrimination for terminating an employee whose background check was overlooked at the temporary stage. In these cases, the employer finally investigates the employee after the employee successful transitions to regular from temporary employment and only then learns the employee’s criminal record makes them totally unsuitable as a candidate. The employee—who may have been performing more than adequately in the position—is understandably irate at being terminated for what appears to be no good reason.
While a background check may seem like a waste of money for someone you don’t intend to employ long-term, it could pay for itself many times over in the long run.