Breaking News! NLRB Posting Requirement Postponed Until January 31

The National Labor Relations Board announced today that it will delay the effective date of the new NLRB notice posting requirement from November 14, 2011 to January 31, 2012. According to the Board, the delay is to “allow for enhanced education and outreach to employers.” However, this delay will likely allow lawsuits filed by numerous groups including the U.S. Chamber to be resolved before the rule potentially goes into effect.

Note to members who subscribe to MSEC’s Poster Update Service: due to the timely and prompt nature of GovDocs, the vendor MSEC uses to facilitate the update service, your company may have already received or will soon receive an updated poster that was mailed in anticipation of the previous November 14 deadline. MSEC advises members not to post the updated posters until January 31, 2012, if the rule survives legal challenge. At the moment, the posting of NLRA rights only applies to certain federal contractors and employers subject to compliance as part of an active NLRB settlement and/or order.