Positive Links to Sustainability

What drives potential new hires to your organization? While it could be your reputation, starting salary, or benefits package, a strong corporate stance on social responsibility also helps attract and retain top employees.

In a recent study, 58 percent of employees reported that the social and environmental policies of their organizations were important to them. Allen & York, a recruitment consulting firm, observes that “[w]ith the rise of environmental awareness over the last three years … [corporate social responsibilities] are being taken seriously by businesses throughout the globe.”
Allen & York advises its clients that Corporate Social Responsibility [CSR] is an incredible tool for building employee engagement. “Our experience indicates that employees feel proud of and remain more loyal to companies which directly involve their workforce in CSR initiatives such as community projects, payroll giving, charity events, support for the local environment, and carbon offsetting,” according to a company press release. “These activities are not only good for the local community and the environment, but they also form great opportunities to team build, boost morale and enable people to make a real difference.”
Does your organization promote sustainable business practices? If so, do you make those practices known to recruits, employees, and the general public? Successful companies leverage CSR for a cost-effective edge in Human Resources.