New Look for Employment Authorization Cards and Naturalization Certificates

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has begun issuing redesigned Employment Authorization Cards and Naturalization Certificates. The new designs are intended to combat counterfeiting and began circulating in late October 2011.

Employment Authorization Cards are issued to foreign nationals who are authorized to work in the United States temporarily incident to a pending status or if they are authorized to work because they are dependents of a foreign national who holds a nonimmigrant work visa. Employment Authorization Cards prove both identity and work eligibility and are acceptable for I-9 purposes as List A items.
“Unexpired previous editions of employment authorization cards are still acceptable for I-9 purposes, so employers should not wholesale reject older versions,” says Ryan Adair, MSEC Manager of Immigration Services.
Naturalization Certificates are issued to foreign nationals who become citizens of the United States. These documents, however, are not valid for I-9 purposes. If a new employee presents a Naturalization Certificate, the employer must reject the document and require other documents that are acceptable for I-9 purposes.
Images of the redesigned documents are available here.