VETS-100 and VETS-100A Filing Ready to Go!

After some delay, the VETS-100 reporting is up, running, and accepting filings for the 2011 reporting period. The revised filing window is from November 1, 2011, to December 31, 2011, but reports must be based on the standard reporting window of July 1 to August 31.

MSEC recommends pausing to evaluate whether you are filing the appropriate VETS report. The VETS-100 should only be filed by a contractor or subcontractor that has a single contract that was entered into before 12/1/2003 and is for $25,000 or more. The VETS-100A is filed by a contractor that has a single contract or subcontract that was entered into or modified after 12/1/2003 and is valued at $100,000 or more. Most contractors should be filing the VETS-100A report as it takes special contracting authority to maintain a contract older than five years with the federal government.
Also, don’t forget that filing requirements based on government contracts for both VETS-100 and EEO-1 extend to first-tier subcontractors. If you have a subcontract for $100,000 fueled by underlying federal contract work, you may have VETS-100 reporting obligations even in the absence of notice from a written contract.
You can find additional information and file your EEO-1 report at
You can find additional information and file your VETS-100 reports at