Are You Prepared For 2012 NLRB Rule Changes?

The National Labor Relations Board is making key changes to its rules that will greatly alter the landscape of labor relations:  1) the NLRB has changed union representation election rules in a manner that could vastly disadvantage employers in the struggle to remain union free; and, 2) on January 31, 2012 all employers subject to NLRB jurisdiction will have to post an NLRB poster of employee rights in the workplace. The Board’s jurisdiction is broad and covers the majority of non-governmental employers including non-profits, employee-owned businesses, and labor organizations. The new poster is available here and through MSEC’s poster service. As a result of these changes employers may see a noticeable increase in both union organizing campaigns and unfair labor practice charges.

To prepare, employers should educate themselves about the effects, consequences, and pitfalls of union activity. For example, employers should train managers and supervisors on labor relations laws and developments, be prepared for increased union activity by implementing union avoidance strategies, review internal and external communication programs, and conduct a self-assessment to determine if the company is vulnerable to  union organizing, especially in light of the NLRB’s revised “quickie” election rules.   
If you have questions about the new rules or are interested in the training and webinars that MSEC offers on this subject, contact us today.