Hiring: Make It Beneficial, Not Costly

By Tammeron Trujillo, Human Resource Services

While the economy may be taking us on a roller-coaster ride, hiring is still happening. Hiring right is more important than ever. High turnover is hidden cost that can severely impact employers in an economic downturn. I have members call me quite often wanting to know what the secret is to hire just the right person for the position. Unfortunately there is no magic formula. Still, I have tips I give members to increase their likelihood of success.

First, you must have candidates that are qualified for the job. Planning is very important and crucial to maintaining an unbiased and successful  hiring process. Determining qualifications the perfect candidate would bring to the job means having a very clear idea of what the job requires. To know this, developing or updating a job description is in order. So, the first step to hiring is making sure you have a clear job description that describes the necessary duties, knowledge, skills, and abilities. When you recruit for applicants, you may want to recruit internally first, but in the end you must make certain that those applying have the knowledge, skills, and abilities the job requires. When you choose candidates to interview, only interview those who meet the minimum  qualifications.

Second, create interview questions that will provide you the information you need. Of course, you must not ask anything that is legally questionable. Make sure everyone interviewing applicants not only knows what questions are improper, but how to respond to information they know they cannot ask about, yet receive from the applicant regardless. Keep in mind that past behavior is the best predictor of future performance. Ask questions about how applicants behaved in the past in similar circumstances and why. This will help you understand how the applicant will likely behave when working for you.

After interviewing the applicants, and gathering relevant information, you should have what you need to make a decision. Before you extend the offer however, seriously consider a background check and skills assessment. More applicants than you would like to believe falsify information about their education, job history and previous experience. Others may have criminal records that make them unsuitable for particular positions.

Finally, give MSEC a call. I am happy to hear about the process you plan to use and give you my thoughts.

We can also assess your applicants, provide drug and alcohol screening, and conduct that background check for you. Now you will have a better than even chance for a successful employee.