Liar, Liar

According to the Society of Human Resource Managers over 53% of all job applicants lie to some extent on their resumes.  It may be a slight indiscretion or a major lie. The most common resume lies are about salary, credentials, job performance, job responsibilities, and skills.

With easy-to-read, comprehensive reports, MSEC’s pre-employment services help ensure you know the person you are hiring.

Background Checks

MSEC researchers use a number of sources to provide easy-to-understand information, including:

Criminal Reports
Credit Reports
Professional and personal reference checks (online or by phone)
Expanded “Track Reports” to verify other information

Drug Testing

MSEC partners with a trusted local company that provides cost-effective local and national drug testing services:

State-of-the-art electronic reporting system, including web-based password protected reporting and same-day drug test results
Medical review officer services
Full menu of management and statistical reports
Over 10,000 collection sites nationwide
Additional fee services including random selection, after-hours testing, and breath saliva testing

Behavioral and Skill Testing

Determine an applicant’s behavioral traits and skill level. MSEC can provide you with access to hundreds of psychometrically sound, legally defensible, and practical testing solutions.

Behavioral Assessment: Measure your candidate’s personality, attitudes, and cognitive reasoning. Based on years of research, these instruments have a proven history of successfully predicting job performance and counter-productive work behavior, reducing turnover across a variety of industries and job types.

Skills Testing: These online tests are simple to use, cost-effective, and flexible. Skills’ Testing is the most accurate and effective method of measuring the required knowledge, skills, and abilities that lead to individual job success across industry and a variety of job types

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