Have the Courage to Conduct an Employee Opinion Survey?

Heather Shockey, Outsourced Consulting Services

Have you ever wondered what your employees think? Wonder no more, just ask them. Oh, it can be scary to actually ask your employees what their opinions are regarding benefits, compensation, supervision, and leadership. After all, an Employee Opinion Survey (EOS) is not required by any state law, executive order, or federal mandate. Still, those leaders who are courageous enough to ask their employees what they are thinking via an EOS have been given a unique tool to aid in organizational development.
If you are a little nervous about conducting an EOS, give us a call and we can talk you through every step of the process. It will be important to clarify to all your employees that survey data is a tool for assessing the organization’s strengths and weaknesses. It is not a device for passing judgment on the individual performance of managers or supervisors.
Ultimately, the success of an employee opinion survey depends on leadership’s response to the information and insight gained from survey data. This “snapshot” of employee perceptions can be a powerful management and development instrument. It can be used to make resource allocation decisions, increase individual effectiveness, and improve organizational performance.
For this entire process to be successful, it is important to note that conducting the survey itself is just the catalyst of the overall process not an isolated event. It is best to view survey data as a foundation for further discussions with employees and supervisors. After those discussions have taken place, any necessary changes can begin.
Believe it or not, many of our members have stated that their EOS experience with us was a delight. Call me and I will help you devise a tool so that you can ask your employees what they are thinking!
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