Is Your Company at Risk for a Lawsuit?

What do you do when an employee comes to you and says they were sexually harassed by a coworker?

1)  Fire that employee immediately
2)  Ignore the problem
3)  Call MSEC and ask how to conduct a workplace investigation
We hope you would want to conduct an investigation, and we can help.
We conduct over 100 investigations a year, and we do it with the knowledge and experience necessary to instill employer confidence.
We conduct investigations related to:
– Allegations of harassment and discrimination
– Threatening or violent behavior
– Hostile work environment
– Employee/supervisor misconduct
– Other performance or behavioral concerns . . . including workplace audits
Beyond meeting the legal requirements for appropriate investigation, MSEC interviews provide individual participants with a unique opportunity to be heard by a third party. An MSEC investigation can de-escalate emotionally charged situations while creating comprehensive documentation to support appropriate corrective action. Take the mystery out of your employee complaints and conflict issues with an MSEC workplace investigation.
If you have responsibility for investigations at your workplace, we have an upcoming seminar you do not want to miss. Investigations in the Workplace helps you develop a fundamental approach to conducting workplace investigations.