Do You Need an Employee Custom Opinion Survey?

​MSEC’s Custom Opinion Surveys help you assess organizational strengths and target areas for improvement. The survey identifies the gap between what is and what should be, and demonstrates management’s willingness to hear what employees have to say. It also helps you target any change efforts in the most cost-effective way. With our attractive, easy to understand reports (we experimented with ugly, hard to understand reports first and they just didn’t work) your organization will find out how employees perceive your leadership and management practices.

We also provide feedback comparing your results to other organizations. So if you want to know if it’s just your organization that has disgruntled employees, or every organization, now you can!  Our surveys come with a bank of 63 questions that can be compared to community norms. So check out MSEC’s Custom Opinion Surveys​ to see how to make your organization a better place, today!

For information and to get started, contact Jessie Medina at 303.223.5441 or email