Making a Commitment to Workplace Coaching

As a certified integral coach for MSEC members, Peggy Penberthy finds coaching to be an invaluable, unique process that spurs growth and a self-awareness that results in more genuine and intentional leadership. “The integrated approach that we use mirrors how adult can, and often do, shift behavior with the proper training.” Coaching allows people to go back to the “lab of life” to experiment with new skills and reflect on what happened as they experimented. By replicating what they learned in other contexts, the integrated process has proven to be very effective in driving positive behavior changes.

Integrated coaching sets out three specific goals: self-correction, self-generation, and long-term development. Peggy has counseled clients to “catch themselves” in negative behavior and teaches them how to self-correct. This awareness requires a commitment from the client and the organization, a comprehensive coaching process, and a skilled coach.


The most important of these is the client’s commitment to the process. If the client can embrace the process with curiosity, growth can occur. Before choosing a coach, prospective clients should talk with several coaches and ask questions about the coach’s background, training, methodology, and experience.

Clients often express how they experience increased awareness of themselves and their leadership style, and how they show up as a leader as a result of the coaching experience.

If you have more questions, Peggy would be happy to chat with you. Contact her at 303.223.5413 or email