Annual Employment Law Update: Keeping Pace With Employment Law Changes for 22 Years

Tim Settle, Employment Law Services

For the last 22 years, MSEC has held its Employment Law Update conference in May and early June. In planning for this year’s update, I began thinking about the ways employment law has changed over that time.

Prior to 1990, employers were not required to comply with the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) or the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). These two federal laws have fundamentally changed the way employers manage the workplace.  Employers must now accommodate employee medical issues in ways not previously imagined. We continue to update employers as these laws evolve. The ADA Amendments Act has made the ADA a more complicated and expansive law, requiring even more of employers.  New ADAAA regulations came out in 2011, and court decisions have followed.

But changes to employment law haven’t just occurred at the federal level. State legislatures also continue to enact laws affecting the employment relationship. Some, like those allowing compassionate use of medical marijuana, weren’t necessarily intended to change the workplace, but have done so anyway. And, regulatory changes, made and enforced by administrative agencies, continue their relentless march even where proposed legislation fails. All of these changes, whether federal and state legislation or agency regulation, add to the complex task employers face in managing employees.

Each year at the Employment Law Update, we try to make sense of the changes to employment laws that impact you. This year is no different. We will have a variety of informative sessions addressing subjects such as regulatory overreach, the new aggressive approach of the National Labor Relations Board;  how to conduct drug and alcohol reasonable suspicion assessments; how to protect company assets with employment agreements;  and a session aimed at helping you make legally sound HR decisions. We will also have a case and legislative review and an entertaining after-lunch session that we hope helps to increase positive outcomes in any workplace. It’s a conference you do not want to miss. I hope to see you there!

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