Collective Bargaining Planning

Chad Orvis, Labor Relations​

Do you have a union? If so, what process do you have for preparing for and bargaining with the union? Are you spending time before negotiations to make sure the contract clauses still make sense for your organization and the manner in which you serve your customers and run your business? Are you collecting the necessary information including checking MSEC’s benefit and compensation surveys to see if your wages are above or below average? Have you prepared your negotiation strategy, including what to do if the union threatens to strike?

If you have a union, and you are not sure of the answers to these questions, you may want our assistance at your next collective bargaining session.  We work with our members on all aspects of union contract negotiation and administration. We can develop strategy, act as your spokesperson in negotiations, analyze survey data, coordinate the bargaining process, and structure proposals and issues to guide you to a successful conclusion. Over our 73 year history, we have helped members in their bargaining with unions in different ways. In some cases we are in the room with the employer and the union, guiding the bargaining process, and in others we are behind the scenes, offering assistance throughout the process. We have helped members with traditional bargaining and with interest-based bargaining, and any form of bargaining in between.

If negotiations become difficult, resulting in a strike or a lock-out, there are very clear rules the employer must follow. We help to lead you through that process and make certain you don’t wind up with an unfair labor practice charge to add to an already difficult situation.

If you have a union and you want more information about the bargaining process and how we can help, email me at  I can either walk you through your process, or step in and handle it for you.​