It Started With an Application for Membership . . . it Became a Relationship

​Imagine a relationship with someone who is curi­ous to know and understand the many facets of your organization and its unique culture.


Imagine someone who is concerned about the ups and downs of your business cycles and is rooting for you.


Imagine someone who serves as your prime con­tact, helping you access the multitude of services offered by MSEC.


Imagine someone who will steer you to a subject matter expert of strategic alignment, 360 perfor­mance reviews, immigration visas, and countless other management matters.


Imagine someone who listens and helps you find solutions to your employee relations problem even when you have a situation that you have never seen before.


Imagine someone who wants to promote your HR initiatives and be almost invisible in the process so that the success and the learning belong to you.


This someone is your Staff Assignment at MSEC who wants to hear from you—anytime and often. When you become a member, we assign a profes­sional staff person to you who will do all of the above. As you get to know MSEC and our services, this person can be your first point of contact for concerns.


Do you know who is assigned to help you at MSEC? If not, give us a call at 800.884.1328.