Supreme Court Debates the Future of Health Care Reform

The U.S. Supreme Court has concluded three days of arguments over the future of health care reform. As commentators make predictions about the outcome, we await the decision. The Court will be deciding four questions: 

1.     Whether the Anti-Injunction Act prevents the Court from deciding these issues now,
2.     Whether the individual mandate requiring Americans to purchase health insurance or pay a penalty is constitutional,
3.     Whether the entire law will have to be struck down if the individual mandate is found unconstitutional, and
4.     Whether the expansion of Medicaid coverage required by health care reform is coercive to the states.
The justices appeared most torn over what, if anything, of the law would stand if the individual mandate is struck down. If the Court invalidates parts of the law, the health care reform debate will return to Congress which will decide how it will move forward.