MSEC Designed Total Compensation Solutions

​MSEC provides a full range of services to help members implement and manage a flexible yet comprehensive compensation system. We collaborate with you to align your organizational objectives and human resources strategy with your reward systems.


What is the goal?


Our concentration on quality and long-term service focuses on providing an efficient, competitive, and cost-effective compensation program that supports the culture, vision, and environment of your organization.


What are the benefits of a good plan?


Attracting and retaining quality and key talent is always a top priority. A well-designed program linked to organizational goals ensures that you are able to keep quality employees and have a competitive edge in attracting new ones.


What is involved?


MSEC consultants utilize industry best practices, a standard methodology, and wide-ranging resources including MSEC salary and benefit surveys. We take a strategic approach to provide you with a variety of solutions. Every phase of the project is documented, and we also assist with communication and implementation to ensure ongoing success.


What are my organization’s needs?


Together we will assess your organizational culture and business philosophy in order to identify the best approach whether it means developing a new plan, revising the current plan, or just looking at certain aspects. Our areas of expertise include:


Base compensation design


Job analysis


Job description review


Job evaluation


Market pricing


Communication strategies


Plan implementation


Benefits analysis


Executive compensation



What’s the bottom line?

We recognize that your organization is unique. And we understand that your input and participation is crucial

to the process. That coupled with our collective and diverse expertise helps to ensure that we deliver tailored compensation solutions that are competitive and support your organizational objectives.

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