Rehires to be Reported to State New Hire Directories


Effective April 21, employers must begin reporting rehired employees to the state directory of new hires. Reporting requirements for newly hired employees have been in effect since sweeping welfare reform changes were enacted in 1997. But these laws did not expressly deal with what should be done with rehires. Now, the Trade Adjustment Assistance Extension Act of 2012 has. 

The Act adds employees separated from employment for 60 days or more to the definition of “newly hired employees.” That means that employers must report these rehired employees in the same manner as they report employees who have never worked for them before.

New hire reporting is used to track down individuals who owe child support or other federal debts. Names submitted to state directories of new hires are compiled into the National Directory of New Hires so that employees who take jobs across state lines can be more easily located. 

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