Firm Up Your Core Competencies

The backbone of any healthy business is a strong infrastructure. With that in place, organizations can adapt, maintain, and even thrive under any economic conditions. Is your infrastructure strong enough to protect you from costly mistakes and agile enough to save you money?

ake a quick inventory. Our core business competency trainings can help you shore up vulnerable areas in your organization.

Are you proactively avoiding costly lawsuits?
Attend: Legal Issues in Managing Employees

Are you implementing best practices in your HR department?
Attend: Fundamentals of HR Management

Are your supervisors struggling to do more with less?
Attend: Supervision: Core Competencies

Are you confident that your benefits program is thorough and legal?
Attend: Benefit Administration: The Basic from A to Z

Does your benefits and pay structure align with your business goals?
Attend: Compensation Administration I: Base Pay Design and Development

If you answered no to any of the questions above, we recommend enrolling in the suggested class. 
For a detailed description and class schedule, click here.