Aligning Focus – Achieving Results

Bottom Line Solutions for Critical Workplace Relationships


Using a revolutionary approach designed by Emergenetics International, this workshop delivers a laser-focused plan to improve communication and bottom-line results for any number of critical workplace relationships.  Bring your entire team (up to 5 members), a direct-report or another colleague.  Teams or partnerships often face complex workplace issues with dynamics around influence, power, work styles, objectives and more. This course goes to the core of these challenging relationships to create new ways to best leverage strengths and create understanding that brings more cohesiveness, efficiency and results.

Participants will identify their own strengths and collaboratively generate solutions for developing clear expectations and building performance.  Activities throughout the one-day workshop provide a sustained map for on-going action, conflict resolution, creativity and leadership development.

This workshop is designed for both long-standing teams or partnerships, or newly-organized teams/partnerships.  Any combination of working relationships will gain new tools for leading change, solving problems and accelerating understanding and communication.

Emergenetics Background

Emergenetics International is an innovative, results-oriented organizational solutions company specializing in analyzing, identifying and leveraging the way people think and behave.  We have profiled hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world and provided a grounded framework for advancing organizations through tools and training based on scientifically-proven Emergenetics thinking and behavioral technology.

We have built competencies for leaders, teams and employees at all levels of organizations.  Emergenetics has played a key role in leadership development, communication enhancement and teambuilding for companies such as Microsoft, Hilton Hotels, MillerCoors, Siemens and many others.

Aligning Communication – Achieving Results

The Bottomline Critical Workplace Relationships


Segment 1     Intro to Emergenetics

– A concise background on recent research in brain science provides a foundation for understanding how each person thinks and solves problems differently.

– An explanation of the Emergenetics metaphor:  4 general thinking preferences and 3 general behavioral patterns.

– Distribute Profiles

Segment 2     Profile Debriefs

Each participant gains personal understanding of how they think and behave through the Emergenetics lens.

– The focus is on valuing the strengths of each person and expanding the insight on how he/she works, learns, interacts and leads.

Segment 3     A Deeper Look at the Emergenetics Approach

– Through both large group and small group/teams, participants build their understanding of all thinking styles and behavioral preferences along the spectrum.

– Experiential activities provide greater appreciation for the contribution and challenges along the behavioral spectrum and through their team/partner’s preferences

Segment 4     Focus on Communication

– Through this revolutionary Emergenetics Team Dynamics tool, participants develop a clear understanding of how their team or partner interacts and the bottom-line ways to enhance communication – and results.

– Each person will walk away with a simple roadmap to effectively leverage their strengths to be more productive and creative in their work.

Segment 5     Resolving Conflict

                        – Participants learn skills to collaboratively generate ideasand make decisions through a solutions-centered process.

– These activities provide a systematic process geared toward resolving conflict in a healthy manner with mutual respect among team members and colleagues.

Segment 6     Unlocking Team Performance

                        – Whether participants are in a partnership (dyad) or with multiple team members, they will take home a worksheet that provides key information to elevate their performance.

– Participants will identify their contributions, strengths, challenges and potential as they work through the WE (Whole Emergenetics) approach.

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