Wage and Hour Assistance

Do you allow employees to eat at their desks?  If so, do you pay them for that time? Class action wage and hour lawsuits are now as common as discrimination lawsuits, and if you are not paying that employee for the time they are working, your organization could be in danger of a lawsuit. Let us help. Click here to find out how.


Our attorneys can audit your wage and hour practices before the U.S. Dept. of Labor or state agency does, and do it without assessing back pay and penalties.  We know that these laws have not kept up with workplace changes including highly-compensated technical positions, flexible work schedules, inside sales departments, and innovative bonus and incentive structures.  We help you untangle these issues and provide strategies for compliance. Click here for more information.



Attend our Wage and Hour Workshop and learn the common pitfalls to avoid, such as failing to pay overtime to salaried employees who are not exempt or allowing private sector employees to use comp time outside the week when overtime is worked.


Click here to view our Wage and Hour FYI.​