Congress Blocks ADEA Regulation Changes

MSEC’s May issue of the Bulletin contains an article on recent changes to the Age Discrimination in Employment Act regulations that you may no longer need to read. That is because, on April 26, the House Appropriations Committee effectively blocked the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission from acting on the changes.

The EEOC revised the ADEA regulations to reflect two Supreme Court opinions, Smith v. Jackson (2005) and Meachem v. Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory (2008), criticizing them. In approving the EEOC’s budget for fiscal year 2013, however, the Committee added an amendment prohibiting the EEOC from using its funding to “implement, administer, or enforce” the new ADEA final rule. The Supreme Court rulings are still valid, but, for now, the EEOC will not be acting on the changes.