How to Become an MSEC Super User

Sandy Alexander, Manager, Member Relations

MSEC offers many services that are included in membership and additional services for a fee that complement the membership. When members maximize their membership and use additional services we consider them super users!
Many of our members join MSEC because they have a specific reason.
As they build relationships with their member representative, they learn about other ways we can assist them. MSEC staff work very closely with members to learn what their core business initiatives are and how we can help.
Members who meet regularly with their member representative learn that the representative may not have the specific expertise that the member needs, but they can coordinate with other MSEC staff to make sure that the right person assists the member. For example, a member may call in with a compensation question and find that their representative does not specialize in that area, but that other MSEC staff do. The representative will connect the member with the staff person who can best assist them.
One example of where a member joins for a specific reason and then becomes a super user, starts when the member calls with an affirmative action question.  As the staff person assists the member with the question, the member learns that we have a department that can review or actually prepare their Affirmative Action Plan. The member may also learn that we have an Affirmative Action workshop and training on Affirmative Action for recruiters. The member may also use the Affirmative Action resources we have available on our website. With this information, the member can take full advantage of their membership.
Looking at the MSEC website is another way that members learn about all the services we offer and become a super user. Many attend our annual conferences and have the opportunity to meet all of the department representatives from our service areas and learn about other ways to maximize their MSEC usage.
MSEC enjoys working with our super users because we find that when members use a variety of services, either included in their membership or for an additional fee, the member finds value in being a member of an organization that can assist them with their many employment needs.
If I can help you use MSEC services effectively, please let me know. You can always email for more information.​