Five Things You May Not Know About the Colorado Rockies and Human Resources

Welcome to our blog! Every Monday we will feature a Mountain States Employers Council (MSEC) member and provide you with five interesting facts about that organization.  For our first member feature, we chose Major League Baseball’s Colorado Rockies. With baseball season in full swing, we thought you would want to know how the MLB is impacted by the same human resources practices and challenges you face every day.  The Rockies play in Denver during the regular season and in Scottsdale during spring training, very near to our Arizona office.

1. The rows of purple seats in the upper level of Coors Field are exactly one mile high in honor of its hometown of Denver, known as “the mile-high city” because it is situated exactly one mile (5280 feet) above sea-level.

2. When Major League players travel for games, they are taxed differently depending on the city and state where they play.

3. The Rockies human resources department functions like that of any other company; it has to do similar immigration work, such as securing visas for foreign born players, like Jhoulyus Chacin – check him out on Facebook.

4. The Rockies employ people from many different generations. In fact, its employees range from age 18 to 80+.

5. All Rockies employees must abide by the Major League Drug Policy and are subject to random drug tests.

Not even Major League Baseball can escape essential practices, policies, and procedures of human resources, and neither can you.

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