Help Available to Colorado Employers on Recent Child Support Changes


Changes to the child support process took effect May 31, and since then we have received a number of questions from our members. We want to make our Colorado members aware that the Colorado Division of Child Support Enforcement (COCSE) can provide assistance in implementing the changes.

The changes require all child support orders to be paid through the designated State Disbursement Unit (SDU).  In Colorado, this is the Family Support Registry (FSR). The changes also require all new child support orders to be on a new standardized form.  

If you receive a new or revised child support order directing payments to a private party, the order should be returned to the issuer.  If you have an existing support order directing payment other than through an SDU, you should first contact the issuer to make them aware of the need to redirect payment.  If the issuer does not respond or does not issue a new order redirecting payment, you can contact the FSR at 303-297-2849 or

COCSE is already issuing redirect notices on older, existing support orders. COCSE has also ensured that everyone who has a support order in Colorado has been assigned an FSR account number and that all new support orders are automatically assigned an FSR account number.  

We anticipate that child support enforcement agencies in other states are or will soon be offering similar assistance.