Q & A – How do I track FMLA intermittent leave?


How do I track FMLA intermittent leave?


Q. Keeping the required accurate records of an employee’s intermittent FMLA use can be difficult.  Employers generally use their time keeping systems for this.  Nonexempt employees should report FMLA time on their timesheets.  Exempt employees can be asked to report time either in the employee’s timekeeping system or on exception reporting forms used for recording paid time off.
The next step is to convert the hours used into FMLA workweeks.  There are different approaches for doing this.  It is recommended that employers convert these hours to fractions of a workweek rather than performing a calculation based on a total number of hours.  These methods are explained in our FYI FMLA – Calculation of a Workweek on Intermittent Leave.