Five Things You May Not Know About the City of El Mirage

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1.  The City of El Mirage is leading an initiative to reduce health care costs. Using the popular Arizona Blue Cross Shield network, they recently​ formed a trust​ which provides medical benefits to approximately 1,865 employees and their families. By forming the trust, the City of El Mirage will reduce its annual medical benefit costs by approximately $75,000.

2.  El Mirage has grown from a small town dependent on agriculture to a diverse urban economy, and is considered the gateway to the Northwest Valley of the Greater Phoenix Metro Area.

3.  The City of El Mirage is the home to a nationally recognized retirement community, the Pueblo El Mirage Golf Resort.


4.  The City of El Mirages brings the citizens and neighboring communities together through its ongoing special events programs​ from Hispanic Heritage Month to Halloween to the annual City carnival.


5.  They are currently undergoing some major infrastructure projects, including a new police facility, recreation facility with a pool, and fire station.