Q & A – What kind of performance appraisal form should I use?

Q: What kind of performance appraisal form should I use?

A: No one form can be recommended for every organization.  It is important to remember the appraisal form is just one part of an overall performance management system.  No form, regardless of its type or how well it is designed, can make the supervisor conduct an open, honest appraisal interview.

When deciding on a type of form, employers must consider:
  • How the form will be used, to facilitate an annual performance discussion, to maintain ongoing documentation throughout a review period, or both?
  • Does the form measure what is important to the organization?
  • Are the evaluation criteria job related?
  • Do they reflect the highest priorities of the organization, department, and job?
  • Do employees and supervisors regard the form as relevant?
  • Do supervisors and managers understand and buy into the purpose of the form?
  • Does it include:
  • Important identification information
  • Purpose
  • Instructions for completion
  • Defined performance criteria
  • Performance levels/ratings
  • Specific performance examples supporting ratings for each criterion
  • Space for employee comments
  • Signatures with dates (employee, supervisor, higher level of manager and/or human resources)