Is there a Magic Cure for Low Morale, Uneven Productivity, and Employee Conflicts?

Kelly Wyngarden, Consultant, Organizational Development and Learning

We all know there is no such thing as magic when it comes to workplace issues including low morale, a lack of productivity, and employee conflicts, such as teams not getting along (or teams in pain, as they are sometimes called).  Still, I have been working with a process for several years now that has helped me and businesses I have worked with tremendously. Personally, professionally, and as a facilitator this program is heads and shoulders above any I have seen in my years of experience facilitating change in organizations, enhancing the skills and effectiveness of teams and leaders and when dealing with interpersonal and professional challenges. It’s called the Human Element® and it was developed by Will Schutz in 1980.

Why does The Human Element work so well?

The Human Element program begins with the premise that all of us have basic needs that we want met each day. Understanding our own needs and how they influence our behavior allows us to react differently to the behavior of others. Once we understand our own needs, we can begin to understand others’ needs and how it impacts their behavior.  Conversations can then include a discussion about those needs and how they might be addressed  – both in and out of the workplace. These are conversations that are in a safe environment where people can share the root of their challenges and frustrations dealing with processes, teams, and co-workers. Conversations which attack the root cause of the conflict allow for an open environment where individuals can speak their truth to others.

How do I learn more about the Human Element?

There are a number of videos on YouTube that discuss both the theory and practical applications. Click here to view those. If you want to read an article, click here. At MSEC we have a variety of seminars and programs that use Will Schutz’s teachings, and if you are interested in an introductory class, click here​.

Once I learn more, can I begin to teach others this practice?

Licensed Human Element Practitioners teach others how to follow this practice in their workplaces.  In order to become a licensed practitioner, you must follow a path through the process.  What I know from teaching others this practice is that teaching is all about learning, and learning is all about teaching.  In order to become capable in teaching others about the Human Element, I had to not only learn about it, but follow the steps to understand my own behavior, understand the behavior of others, and finally participate in those conversations with others where we safely discuss our underlying needs and agendas. This takes both time and attention. At MSEC, we have worked with the Schutz Company to put together a program for licensure that allows participants to determine how far they want to go in this learning. You can learn the basics, or move beyond to other modules. Click here​ to learn more about the Licensed Human Element Practitioner program.