Time Management Tips


Have you planned a summer cleaning of your schedule and desk? Is it time to review some time management tips and see how productive and satisfying your job can be? If so, read on.

When you have an intense project, use the time of the day when you are most energetic and truly focused to work on it. This time also needs to be scheduled as if it were a meeting—blocking the time on your calendars so you will have less chance of scheduling over it.  

Another tip is to add 20 to 30 minutes to the time you estimate it will take to complete the project. This way you have planned for interruptions or the possibility that you need more time to work on the project than you first anticipated.

Is your schedule filled with meetings? This may be a good time to assess if you really need to be at all of those meetings. Can you delegate? Can you receive the minutes and respond with your ideas? 

If you are in charge of meetings, are you running them most efficiently? Do you use an agenda with suggested timeframes for each topic? Develop a sense of timeliness with attendees by projecting the time of discussion and when information sharing is anticipated. Also, send out the agenda ahead of time to encourage attendees to collect their concise thoughts on the topics. This way, the meeting has a better chance of moving along productively.

Finally, how full is your mail or email in-box? Remember the four D’s? Ask yourself if you can: “Do it” in 2-5 minutes, Delegate it, Defer it, or Destroy it.