Five Things You May Not Know About Anchor Center for Blind Children

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1.  Anchor Center for Blind Children is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing early intervention and education to blind and visually impaired children throughout Colorado.

2.  They are honoring their 30th anniversary with 30 Pearls of Wisdom, thoughtful quotes from Anchor Center’s children, parents, donors, and staff.

3.  When they first opened, they served four preschool students and six home bound infants. Today they serve more than 400 children each year.

4.  On September 15, ​Pie Forensics will be hosting the 2nd annual Cherrity Pie Festival. All proceeds will help preschool children learn life skills such as table manners, proper use of utensils, using a cane to get around, and how to work as a group on projects.

5.  Anchor Center’s specialized staff assists children with visual impairments in developing the emotional security, social competence, and intellectual skills needed to build on their natural talents and abilities to succeed in school.​