Prepare in Advance for I – 9 Audits

flags-of-world-flat.jpgU.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) continues to issue Notices of Inspection to employers at an alarming pace in 2012, targeting 3,000 employers for the year. Do you know what to do when a dreaded I-9 audit lands on your desk?

When you receive an I-9 audit, you have three business days to produce the items requested. This usually includes all of your I-9 forms for a designated period, and other payroll reports that assist ICE in verifying you have proper documentation for every employee.

How can you avoid big fines from an I-9 audit? We recommend doing an internal audit of all I-9s to identify and correct errors on a regular basis. If your company has not audited its I-9s for several years, this effort will be well worth it. Paperwork fines are assessed at $110 per violation and the level of fine increases with the percentage of noncomplying I-9s found.

If you have more I-9s than your staff can handle, or you don’t have experience with auditing I-9s, give us a call. We can audit all of your I-9s or a designated sample of them, and we will provide you with a written report showing where the errors are and how to fix them.

You can also find out more at our upcoming Immigration Law Update conference on September 21 in Denver, and September 27​ in Phoenix.