Reminder: EEO-1 and VETS 100/100A Reports Due September 30

Here are a few tips to help covered employers comply with the upcoming deadline: 

·         Employers are encouraged to submit reports online.
·         Data submitted must include all full- and part-time employees.
·         Job application information does not need to be included—only information on actual employees.
·         The information submitted is confidential and will only be used for the agency’s stated purposes.
·         Employers are strongly encouraged to ask their employees to self-identify their race or ethnicity for purposes of completing the form and to only rely on visual identification when an employee refuses to self-identify.
·         Employers may not force employees to self-identify their racial or ethnic classification.
·         Employees should be told that their participation is voluntary.
·         If an employer is completing a VETS form related to a contract entered into prior to December 1, 2003, the employer will be asked to identify employees in different categories than what are applicable to more recent contracts. Specifically, the categories that apply to older contracts are: veterans of the Vietnam era, special disabled veterans, other protected veterans, and recently separated veterans.
Deadline extensions must be requested before September 30. Extensions of the EEO-1 report may be requested via email to:
Not sure if you are covered? Review our FYIs on EEO-1 Reporting and VETS 100/100A Reporting. Click here for more information on the EEO-1 Report and here for more on the VETS 100/100A.