What’s Behind Your Name?

​Test Your Knowledge


1. Which of the following is the correct formula for turnover rates according to the Department of Labor?


A. (Number of Terminations x 100)/(Avg. Number of Employees)
B. (Number of Terminations x 10/(Avg. Number of Employees)
C. (Avg. Number of Employees)/(Number of Terminations)
D. (Avg. Number of Employees)/(Number of Terminations x 10)


2. Which of the following occurs if an employee comes to work with an inappropriate dress length and is then promptly sent home to change clothes?


A. Punishment
B. Extinction
C. Positive reinforcement
D. Negative reinforcement


3. If an employee is earning a pay rate that is excessive compared to their counterparts of equal ability, their pay rate may be identified as a/an ____ rate.


A. Green circle
B. Evaluation
C. Red circle
D. Bandwidth


MSEC pass rates are over 80 percent!  The national average is 57 percent.


A, A, C


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