Five Reasons Cannot Miss Our Immigration Law Update

Ryan Adair, Manager, Immigration Services​

Employment law and immigration law intersect more and more. From ensuring that you only employ legally authorized workers to sponsoring foreign national employees to complying with ever-changing state law requirements, immigration law compliance can be tough for employers. Fortunately, we are here to help!

MSEC’s 11th Annual Immigration Law Update (ILU) is scheduled for September 21 in Denver and September 27 in Phoenix​.

Below are five reasons you can’t afford to miss this important conference:

1.  A New I-9 Form Is on the Horizon. Every employer in the United States must complete and retain an employment eligibility verification form. The current form expires at the end of August, and the government has promised it will issue a completely revamped version. Our ILU will give you a glimpse of the new form, provide insights for complying with new requests for information, and help you avoid costly fines for technical violations.


2.  States Have New Immigration Requirements.  Currently, 43 states have some sort of legal scheme related to immigration and employment. Multi-state employers must comply with a patchwork of vastly different state and federal law requirements. In Colorado, new Department of Labor and Employment regulations control the new hire process. In Arizona, immigration policies and laws continue to affect the way employers do business. Our ILU will provide critical information on new and existing state laws from around the country so that you can be in compliance regardless of the physical addresses of your worksites.


3.  Three Million Previously Illegal Workers Are about to Become Legal.  On June 15, 2012, President Obama announced that his administration would stop deporting certain illegal immigrants who came to the U.S. as children and are attending college. These individuals will be granted permission to work. Your business will undoubtedly have existing employees and future employees who will be participants in the program. Our ILU will give you the tools necessary to properly document these employees, work with them through the process, and avoid potential criminal and civil penalties for employing them.


4.  The Improving Economy Means More Foreign Nationals Will Be Looking for Jobs.  Currently, there are three million foreign students in the United States.  Upon graduation, many of these foreign students will be looking for employers to sponsor them for technical jobs.  At the same time, existing foreign national employees who have stayed at jobs during the economic downturn may be looking for new jobs.  Our ILU will provide you with the knowledge to remain competitive in the new economy.  We will discuss hiring foreign workers, complying with regulations for employing them, and planning for keeping them employed.


5.  Worksite Enforcement Is on the Rise.  Gone are the days when employers would complete I-9 forms and never hear from or see a government inspector.  The federal government has announced that it will audit the I-9 files of 3,000 employers every other week!  These audits will become even more frequent in coming years, and auditors will have the authority to fine employers up to $1,100 per noncompliant I-9 form for even seemingly small/technical paperwork violations.  At the same time, the federal government continues to arrest and deport a record number of illegal workers.  Our ILU will give you up-to-date information on the latest worksite enforcement efforts and provide you with the tools necessary to avoid devastating civil and criminal penalties.