Five Reasons to attend MSEC’s 2012 Eye on Leadership Conference

Evan Abbott, Director, Organizational Development and Learning

​Some of you might have heard about our 2012 Eye on Leadership Conference – “The Line: Where to Draw It.  How to Stay Above It” and wondering why you should attend.  Here are five reasons why you can’t miss this year’s event:

1.  Because for most of us “risk” is a four letter word.  The funny thing is . . . it does not have to be.  In an age where “accountability” is often used as a euphemism for “blame,” taking risks can feel scary.  The Line is a program that is vital for organizations looking to expand how they think about not only risk, but innovation and strategic thinking.

2.  Because a lot of us are told we must “think strategically,” but really have no idea what that means!  Strategic thinking is about moving past our old assumptions and ego and moving to a place of trust, wisdom, and a new vision.  MSEC’s 2012 Eye on Leadership Conference will provide tools that help to do exactly that.

3.  Because strategic thinking often means bring diverse points of view and people to the table.   Attendees will learn a process that ensures all points get heard in order to make sure that we are operating “Above the LINE.”

4.  Because leaders often sacrifice their own development for the sake of their team.  Coming to Eye on Leadership means you are taking a few hours to invest in yourself.  Every leader needs development.

5.  Because Barbara Stoker, this year’s presenter, is an engaging, though-provoking, experienced author, speaker and consultant who has worked with Hallmark, Disney, Coors, and Mattel . . . and practices what she teaches in her personal life as well – she is an experience rock and ice climber as well as paragliding pilot!  You’ve GOT to hear some of her stories!

As if this was all not enough, here is a bonus reason: spend a half day on a Friday morning at the Pepsi Center without the crowds . . . and free parking! ‘Nuff said there!  We hope to see you at this year’s conference on October 26th!

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