MSEC Free Library and Information Center Assistance

2012-06-11_19-28-50_382.jpgJames McDonough, Information Center
How do you make decisions? In today’s highest performing organizations, data drives decision making. In our web-driven world, full of competing sources of information, it is imperative to carefully choose your source. But this can take time and resources away from other pressing issues. The temptation is to “Google” a topic, browse the first few results, and call it quits. Quick, easy, and often adequate. But many issues faced by your organization cannot be so effectively researched.
The MSEC Library is here to help you locate the kind of information you need to make good decisions. When you hear the word “library”, what comes to mind? When it comes to the MSEC Library, think of an accessible, effective resource. Like all MSEC services, we are dedicated to helping you and your organization achieve success.
Your MSEC Library offers:
• Customized research assistance: contact me with the issue you need researched, and I’ll compile a variety of reliable, quality resources to help you move forward.
• Personal guidance: not sure how to use MSEC’s numerous information resources? I’ll help!
• Online databases accessible anywhere, anytime:
    — CCH AnswersNow – employment laws and interactive tools to customize forms

    — – timely safety information, best practices and interactive tools

    — MSEC Blue Book – employment laws with state specific addendums
Oh, and we have hard copy books and magazines, too! From your MSEC member portal, look for the link “Library” in the left column. Use that link to access the complete library catalog, where you can easily search by keyword, title, or author.
Our collection focuses on topics such as:
• Human Resources best practices, handbooks, etc.
• Employment law, workers’ compensation, labor relations
• Training and organizational development
• Employee sourcing, selection, and management
As your new MSEC Librarian, I am committed to providing you with prompt, courteous assistance. Think of me as your “Plus One”—an extra hand to source out the kind of information you need to make sound business decisions. I look forward to meeting you on the phone, via email, or the next time you visit MSEC. Our door is always open for you! My email address is, or call 800.884.1328.