Fourth Quarter Anniversary Classes

These classes are available to those who received an anniversary email from October 1 through December 31, 2012. You can register employees at a two-for-one rate for any of the eligible seminars. The two employees must be registered for the same seminar to qualify for the discount; however, you may apply this two-for-one rate to any or all of the listed seminars. Please call 303.894.6732 for more information.


COBRA Workshop: December 6, 2012

Conflict: Self-Management: October 23, 2012 and November 28, 2012    

Diversity in the Workplace: November 13, 2012

Interviewing and Hiring I: October 9, 2012 and November 9, 2012

Lead Worker Training: November 27,2012

Negotiation for Win/Win Results: October 2, 2012 and December 4, 2012

Problem Solving Skills: November 2, 2012

Training Activities: November 29, 2012

Colorado Springs