Firm Up Your Core: Business Competencies

Vicki Brown, Membership Development
We all know that the backbone of any healthy business is a strong infrastructure. With that in place, organizations can adapt, maintain, and even thrive during challenging times. What are the top three areas where employers can be vulnerable?
Legal Troubles
Employment laws shift at a rapid pace. Even when there are no new laws, agencies change their views on enforcing existing laws continually. And, plaintiff’s attorneys representing ex-employees continue to come up with better strategies for successful litigation against employers. How well do you stay up to date in this area? Remember, MSEC has tools to help you. We hope you call us for advice before you take action against employees, and we have a large variety of material both online and as a part of our seminars to assist you. Many consider our Annual Employment Law Update a mandatory event.
Disorganized Practices
Proven human resources practices can help keep you well organized for compliance purposes, and provide the workplace with a sense of order and a structure that leaves employees feeling secure. We are always happy to respond to your specific questions when you call our Human Resource Services Department. In addition, check out all the resources on our website: MSEC’s Employee Handbook Planning Guide; our Employment Law Resource: The Blue Book; and much, much more. We also have classes to help you get up to speed or stay on top of your game.
Supervisory Stumbles
Any survey you read about employee retention will tell you that it is the supervisor that either keeps an employee at an organization, or leads them out the door. If you want your supervisors to help retain top talent, you must help them learn to supervise. It’s easy to forget that they may have been promoted because of how well they do their current job, and are completely inexperienced at supervising others to do that same job. From the most basic
supervisory classes for those new supervisors, to our executive leadership program, and executive and management coaching, MSEC works with members to help create a strong management team that helps the organization thrive through successful management of its employees.
Make sure you use your MSEC membership and all that it offers to firm up your core competencies. If you have questions about how to best use your membership, contact Membership Development at 303.223.5470, or email