Five Things You May Not Know About The Colorado Coalition for the Homeless

CCH.jpg1.  The Colorado Coalition for the Homeless has been helping the homeless for nearly 25 years. The Coalition defines homelessness to include anyone who lacks a fixed, regular, or adequate residence. More than 3.5 million Americans, including more than 1 million children, will seek lasting solutions to homelessness this year.

2.  Their 4th Annual Home for the Holidays 5k is on Saturday, November 3. Last year, the race raised over $46,000.

3.  In 2011, they helped more than 13,000 homeless men, women, and children with medical and mental health care. They also housed more than 2,300 families and individuals each night.

4.  For over 25 years, the Coalition has developed a variety of affordable housing units in Colorado. Today, they have 15 housing facilities. 

5.  The Coalition has adopted an approach designed to help chronically homeless individuals move immediately off the streets or out of the shelter system.  Called “Housing First, “it includes crisis intervention, rapid access to housing, and follow-up case management and therapeutic support services to prevent the recurrence of homelessness.