Watch Out For False Compliance Poster Requests

Mark Flynn, Director, Specialized Legal Services

Tbiz-reg-envelope.jpghe latest example is packaged like a government tax form in a 5 x 7 inch mailing with perforated edges to fold and detach.  It reads like one too with bold, capitalized warnings including, “TIME SENSITIVE,” “IMMEDIATE RESPONSE REQUESTED,” and “REGULATIONS AFFECTING YOUR EMPLOYEES.” 

Worse, it says that there were “five new/revised notices” to federal posting requirements in 2012. And, it warns employers that they can be liable if they do not post these updates. It’s not true! There have been no mandatory changes to federal posting requirements in 2012.  Although a new NLRA rights posting exists, it has been indefinitely postponed. The language of some of the postings may have changed slightly in 2012, but these were not substantive changes requiring a new poster. 

MSEC’s Posters Service​ wins the loyalties of employers by letting them know what they actually need and providing an update service to keep up with mandatory poster changes. Send those unsolicited marketing materials to your circular file!