Five Things You May Not Know About Stardust Building Supplies

stardust.jpg1.  Stardust Building Supplies is an Arizona non-profit organization helping people and communities by providing recycled materials and related sustainable programs that have a positive impact on our environment.

2.  S
tardust operates two retail centers that offer new and gently used building materials for sale to the public at 50 to 80 percent off the regular retail price. The proceeds are invested back into the community through Angels On Call and other programs dedicated to reducing waste and promoting reuse. 

3.  Angels On Call
(AOC) provides no-cost home repair services to elderly, disabled, and disadvantaged individuals and families to ensure their homes meet basic safety, security, and quality of life standards.   

4.  Stardust recently won
Valley Forward’s “Crescordia” Award for Environmental Education/Communication in the Educator, Student, and Nonprofit Organization category.

5.  So far this year, Stardust has diverted over 600 tons of useable building materials from the landfills through their
no-cost deconstruction service.