Experiencing the Executive Leadership Program: An Interview with a Graduate

ELP-Pyramid.jpgA group of 15 just graduated from the 2012 Executive Leadership Program, and I sat down with one of the graduates, our very own Tammeron Trujillo, Director of Human Resources Services, to help explain how to evaluate such a program.

LR: Tammeron, what made you consider attending this program?

TT: I had a strong desire to take my leadership skills to a higher level and expand my leadership practices.

LR: Were you able to fit this program into your schedule?

TT: Yes. At times, it was a challenge, but it was worth it.

LR: Did the program meet your expectations?

TT: Yes, I feel I now have another lens from which I can view leadership and connect with those who I am charged with leading. This program helped me understand the variety of perspectives that employees bring to the workplace.

LR: What was your favorite part of the program?

TT: For me, the interpersonal mastery. I found it really interesting to learn how individual needs can impact performance, and how to work with colleagues differently.

LR: I understand there are group activities as part of the program. Were these useful?

TT: I found the group activities most useful. I was a part of a tremendous group of professionals, and I really enjoyed the opportunity to learn from them. Each brought a different view, based upon their different backgrounds. For example, there was an engineer in our group whose perspective was dissimilar to mine. I really enjoyed seeing things from his point of view. I appreciated the open sharing of real challenges we all face, ideas of how to meet those challenges, and when we had them, our triumphs as well. The main lesson I learned from this interaction was how many options can be generated to solve any problem, and how those options helped me to plan better for the future.

LR: Would you recommend this program to others?

TT: Absolutely. This is an experience-driven program that can create real change. I especially enjoyed a fellow participant who had difficult staff to work with. This program helped my classmate look at a different leadership style that would meet the needs of the team. I found it calming; it helped us all accept our current realities and see possibilities for the future.