Five Things You May Not Know About United Way of Weld County

2012_UWWC_LU_lockup.jpg1. United Way’s roots began in 1887 in Denver, Colorado. United Way of Weld County began in 1940 as the Community Chest.

2. United Way of Weld County is governed by a local board of directors of over 20 volunteers. Over 800 Weld County residents are involved on various committees and in year-round activities. 

3. United Way of Weld County funds 99 different programs that help at least one out of every four people in the county. They focus on education, income, and health.

4. They work to change lives, improve the common good, and make their community strong through collaboration; bringing together people and organizations that have the passion, expertise, and resources needed to get things done.

5. Money raised locally stays in Weld County, supporting a system of programs and services that help in ways no single agency can. Through their Cornerstone Partnerships, 100 percent of donor funds goes directly to helping those in need.