Organizational Development Pracitioner Certificate Program

bridget.jpgBridget Morris, Organizational Development and Learning

I went through the MSEC Organizational Development Certificate program in 2010. A couple years into my work as an OD consultant/mediator, I was eager to broaden my skills and really dig deep into the work that we do. The program kicks off with a remarkable class called The Human Element. I had heard from colleagues that this class could be “life-changing,” and that it could be a great way to look inward and reflect. It was just this. Not only did this session lay the foundation and set the tone for the OD program, but it created a space to connect with the other 18 folks who were embarking on this journey with me.

Each session introduced us to various interventions, assessments, activities, along with supplemental material that could enhance the work we do as an OD consultant. Such things as the Reddy Process, Myers Briggs, and strategic planning tools stick out as some of the highlights. I have used the Reddy Process in multiple facets—especially when I facilitate teams in pain, teams in transition, or teams going through change.

In addition to the plethora of tools and ideas, I formed many lasting professional relationships. We had multiple opportunities to work in small groups, whole groups, and even in pairs/triads. This allowed us to work with everyone in the program at various times throughout the year. We did, however, form one core group of six people. Not only was the group great for support, but we were able to bounce ideas off of one another and share our experiences as OD practitioners. I still keep in touch with my group. We get together once a quarter and check-in. This has been very valuable to me.

Whether I find myself working with leaders, facilitating a group through the Reddy Process or helping folks navigate through change, I feel confident that effective tools and resources are there in my binder or by picking up the phone and reaching out to the other participants/facilitators from my program. The binder you receive from this program is not one that you stick in the bottom right drawer, or even on your shelf. It sits on your desk as a constant reference. 

The 2013 OD Certificate program will launch on March 5. Come join us and expand your capacity and value as an internal/external consultant.​