OFCCP Sends Corporate Scheduling Announcement Letters to 2000 Federal Contractors


On November 14, the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) mailed almost 2000 Corporate Scheduling Announcement Letters (CSALs) to federal contractors. A CSAL is a courtesy notification to a contractor that one or more of its establishments is on the list of contractor establishments selected to undergo a compliance evaluation during the OFCCP’s scheduling cycle. The list is generated from the OFCCP’s Federal Contractor Selection System (FCSS).

The CSAL is not a notice that a compliance evaluation (or audit) is scheduled. It is an advisement that the federal contractor’s establishment is on a list of establishments that may be audited. Based on previous experience, if a contractor receives a CSAL, it is likely that they will thereafter be notified of their selection for a compliance review via a “Scheduling Letter.” A Scheduling Letter is the formal notification to the contractor that they have been selected for a compliance evaluation. The Scheduling Letter requests the contractor’s Affirmative Action Plan and supporting data. A contractor has 30 days to respond to the Scheduling Letter. The OFCCP is reluctant to grant extensions beyond the 30 days, primarily because of the advance notice given to the contractor with the CSAL.

In August 2012, the OFCCP announced that it would forego mailing the CSALs and instead post the list on its website. The recent CSAL mailing indicates that the OFCCP has abandoned web-based notification for the time being. 

The CSAL is mailed directly to an establishment and may simply be addressed to “Chief Executive Officer” or “Human Resources Manager.” Contractors that have more than one establishment should alert their highest ranking representatives at each establishment to be on the alert for the CSAL or Scheduling Letter.  

If you receive a CSAL or Scheduling Letter, please contact Melinda Sanders at 303.223.5469, msanders@msec.org or Sandie Harrison at 303.223.5384, sharrison@msec.org, for assistance.