Everything you Always Wanted to Know About Survey Data!

​Join us on Friday, January 18 from 9:00 to 11:00 am for a FREE survey session. We will discuss the “who, what, and where” of MSEC Survey data, as well as present results from the recently published 2012 Arizona Paid Time Off Policies Survey. (Copies of this publication will be available for all members.)




–  Presentation of 2012 Arizona Paid Time Off Policies Survey


–  Surveys currently being conducted – 2013 Health & Welfare Plans, 2013 Personnel Pulse


–  Salary surveys are hard and take forever to complete. As a member, if I get the data anyway, why should I bother with all that work?


–  Salary.com works fine and is free (or, I use an online service already that is just a couple hundred dollars). How is MSEC data better?


–  What all is included in my membership in regard to surveys?


–  What kind of support can I expect in terms of depth of knowledge/data available and support in analyzing the data?


–  How much help can Surveys provide with different jobs and the process (before a consulting fee is involved)?


–  What is ERI data and how accurate is it?  Why can’t I login and see the data myself?


–  The AZ-based data in MSEC surveys are not well populated. How can MSEC really help me?


For more information call 602.955.7558 or 800.437.9262.