Health in the Workplace

Lorrie Ray, Director, Membership Development

Last week I attended a legislative luncheon, where Colorado Governor Hickenlooper spoke.  He made it clear that states where citizens are healthy and well educated, fare better economically than states where this is not true.


A way towards this is to help employees be healthier at work. (I believe employers can also educate their workforce, but more on that another time.)  How to do this?  I think I might be able to help just a little bit. I ran across some tips on the Mayo Clinic website that I know I am going to try:  As the article points out, we really are made to get up and move, and not just sit at a desk all day.


Of course, I won’t be trying everything on the list – a treadmill desk just won’t work for me – but one thing they suggested I do all the time, and I enjoy it.  Let me back up just a bit, and say that, along with many of my colleagues, I can get at odds with email.  It’s so easy for me to intend one message to those who I work with and care about, and send quite another.  I know what I mean, but others don’t always know.  A sure fire method for solving this, and get exercise at the same time, is to get up off my chair and go visit my colleagues.  I can deliver my message in person and make certain that what I intended comes across, correct any misconceptions, and have a walk to keep me healthy and clear my head all in one visit.


So, the next time you are ready to hit send on that email to someone at your workplace, think again, and go see them.  Encourage others to move throughout the day. Not only will your workplace benefit, but your state will be more prosperous as well!