Colorado Marijuana Task Force Leaning Toward Employers’ Rights

Recent media articles point to an environment of strong employers’ rights in the wake of legalized marijuana under Colorado’s Amendment 64.

Last week, the Denver Post reported that “[b]osses would continue to be allowed to fire workers for off-the-job marijuana use” under a recommendation from a divided Amendment 64 Task Force. The most recent Denver Business Journal cited a workplace recommendation that Amendment 64 should not change the relationship between employers and employees; i.e., that employers would not need to alter their policies to accommodate off-duty marijuana use.

“Amendment 64’s regulatory scheme is shaping up favorably for employers,” says MSEC attorney Curtis Graves. “We have been emphasizing caution to our members while this process unfolds for precisely the reason identified by the Post’s John Ingold; namely, that certain advocates believe Amendment 64 protects off-the-job marijuana use.”

Members are encouraged to call MSEC’s Employment Law Services Department with concerns relating to marijuana or other drug use.