Five Things You May Not Know About Denver Children’s Advocacy Center

378049_10150515339615907_2121918344_a.jpg1.  ​Denver Children’s Advocacy Center (DCAC) works to improve the lives of children traumatized by sexual abuse and violence, as well as those who are at high-risk, with prevention, education, and direct services. Their mission is to prevent abuse, strengthen families, and restore childhood. 

2.  Their goal is to ensure that every child in Denver and neighboring counties who has been traumatized by sexual abuse, or by witnessing homicide or domestic violence receives immediate, compassionate, and effective investigation, assessment, and, if needed, mental health treatment. DCAC does not charge families for its services and they do not place time limits on healing.

3.  After recognizing a breakdown of communication between investigators, prosecutors, human services, and mental health agencies in addressing the diverse needs of children and families in crisis, DCAC was founded in 1995 to provide a continuum of care where all the services a child and family might need are available from one central location. DCAC is a hub where service partners from the Denver Police Department, the Department of Human Services, and Denver Health (along with representatives from many other disciplines) meet to discuss and make decisions about the investigation, assessment, treatment, and prosecution of child abuse cases. They work together in the best interests of the children, providing an immediate response and ongoing support to help children and families recover from the trauma of abuse or violence.

4.  In 2012, DCAC served a total of 3,015 children and 858 parents across this continuum of care.

5. Over the years, a growing reputation for excellence in programs and services has earned DCAC many awards. In 2013, they received a Martin Luther King, Jr. Business Social Responsibility Award for their ongoing commitment to the principles embraced by Dr. King.